As historians will tell us, is mutable, unfixed, ever-changing.  Who can say with any accuracy when something definitively began or ended? Consequently, it was once thought that the name DANGEROUS MARTINI was born after a long night in a gutter somewhere on the dark streets of the Mission District of San Francisco after a night of Dangerous Martinis. Yet, it seems that two mutual friends who had been in several bands  together over the years, were one day stumbling around aimlessly looking for a name for a new live jazz project they were creating together. They were searching for a way to describe their  romantic, really weird, sensual and classic expressions through music. They found a way to translate this into their version of Martini Jazz.   

As confounded ideas begin, ours had no hold on reality. Fortunately reality had a way of imposing its hold on us. We found in our possession a work of art  that had a message.  The message was, "A Very Dangerous Martini Game is being played here."  This was the beginning to our new found  jazz metamorphosis. Founded by Tré Taylor and Doug Wendt, Tré Taylor & The Dangerous Martini Quartet  is a “set group”, of jazz musicians, where you can always rely on a tight consistent sexy sound.  The members of Dangerous Martini are career musicians with extensive experience and training in the music business. They were carefully chosen for their talent, dedication to their craft, reliability and their evident love in performing live music together.

We have been together for over a decade. You may have seen us perform at The Plush Room, Rasella's Jazz Club and San Francisco Pride Celebration, in San Francisco, CA, the Ledson Wine Castle in Sonoma, or at many special events in the Carneros Wine Country Region of Napa Valley, CA.  Our client list is long and distinguished.  Here is a recent quote:

"Dangerous Martini is amazing.  We booked them to play at a cocktail reception and got so many compliments on our find!

Tré Taylor, the lead singer, has this terrific smoky voice and totally gets the retro jazz ambiance going.  The band is professional, puts on a great show, and really appreciates a good audience.  They were extremely accommodating and even helped out with a few special song requests.

While they do private events, they also have shows all over the bay area.  Check them out, and definitely give them a listen if you have a wedding or upscale event coming up.  mp3s of their repertoire are on their website I would definitely hire them again!"

- YELP Review

 We can work with any size budget and consider it to be a great accomplishment to have earned the confidence of those who recognize Dangerous Martini's professionalism who have recommended us to their clients and by hiring us to perform at their important eventsWe have so much fun playing together, we would love to share our music with you! 




Jazz vocalist Tré Taylor is a world class vocalist whose imaginative and dynamic sense of melody and soulful rhythm have mesmerized audiences for over 25 years.  Taylor is an energetic earthy yet sophisticated jazz singer with strong R&B and gospel leanings.  As a child, her Grandmother played the classic jazz and big band standards on old 78 records throughout her youth leaving deep impressions on her at an early age. Growing up in Northern California, Taylor began singing in gospel choirs.  In later years, worked in Accapella, R&B and Motown Review bands. 

She has studied with vocal instructors Raz Kennedy, (a founding member of Bobby McFerrin's Voicestra), David Stroud (Executive Director of Seth Riggs Speech Level Singing Program) and The Jazz School in Berkeley CA.  Tré Taylor can be found performing at bay area hot spots such as Rasselas Jazz Club, in the heart of San Francisco's Jazz Preservation District and has been a featured vocalist at The Plush Room in the beautiful York Hotel.  She is currently recording on several CD projects and is working on the finishing touches of the CD with the Dangerous Martini Jazz Quartet.  Fans of Diana Krall and Norah Jones will find Tré Taylor worth checking out.






Local revered guitarist Doug Wendt continues to enchant and stop audiences dead in their tracks, in the San Francisco Bay area. Wendt has brought a new depth of dimension to jazz with his original expressions in guitar. His versatile styles, rich sensitive expression and technical expertise create an experience that holds within it a free emotionalism that touches the very soul. A music instructor and arranger, Wendt is a native to California and has been a professional musician for over 25 years. Insistently, he is a dead sexy gangster.

He completed a Bachelor of Music Degree in Performance at the University of California in Hayward and has studied with various musical schools from coast to coast. He is well versed in the studies of Andres Segovia, Alirio Diaz and Narciso Yepes.  Mastering the acoustic and electric guitar, his styles consist of Jazz, Classical, Folk, Blues, Spanish and Latin guitar. His varied and active career includes local as well as international performances.  A solo performer as well as a music director, Wendt is one of the most widely requested wedding and event performers in the bay area.  With his unique influences such as Joe Pass, Robben Ford, B. B. King and Albert Collins, Wendt is one of the truly gifted and crowd pleasing musicians of the bay area.






Petrella brings over 25 years of experience in many varied musical stylings to Dangerous Martini. This new Bay Area resident refers to himself as a working class musician, and until recently Mark’s Bass playing was a regular feature in L.A.’s top country/swing clubs. He has a long history of varied and questionable endeavors, as well as exclusive California engagements, both live and recorded. Petrella brings his own dark, deep distinctive richness to the Dangerous Martini lineup. 

Petrella stirs the audience to lively foot tapping when he plays swing bass: His jazz lines demonstrate shrewd, stirring discernment; and he provides earthy, pulsing rhythms in Dangerous Martinis blues numbers.  His facility, melodic wit and straight-ahead power match Mark’s inventiveness and versatility. Bass with punch! As Petrella simply puts it “My love is to pilot the Dangerous Martini ship to destinations that will arouse the depths of your soul”.  We say, "Make it so, Bass Man".






Ruben Salcido is Dangerous Martinis electrifying saxophone player. Salcido was born in Crockett, CA, grew up in Northern California and majored in software engineering at University of Nevada. He worked in Europe for 2 years as a software engineer for his own consulting company and currently resides in Pacifica.

Salcido brings the spicy hot Latin flavor to the Dangerous Martini sizzling line-up. Finalist in 2001 USA Songwriting Competition Salcido's CD, "Sal Si Puedes" gives a delicious contribution to the world of Latin jazz. Salcido has studied saxophone with Joe Henderson, Mel Martin and John Purcell.  He has performed with many top ensembles all over the bay area and both classical and jazz music many times at the Pacifica Arts & Heritage Concert Series.   Playing in R & B, Latin, Salsa and Jazz Funk bands though out the years, Salcido incorporates these many influences into his deep and sensitive style.  His kind heart mixed with his passionate Latin roots add a beautiful sexy powerful trance that reaches your heart. 




Dean is the erythematic backbone to the Dangerous Martini tasty cadence.  He brings a straight up solid elegance to every tune, and 'The man can SWING.'  Dean and has been active in Bay Area music scene for the last 25 years. In addition to playing with Dangerous Martini, he has played with Mal Sharpe, The Lone Star Retrobates, Tara Linda, Toy House and more. He is an inventive drummer and also a prolific joke teller who has the ability to make you laugh so hard that beer can shoot out of your nose.  Dean's rhythm and energy brings fun, and will get you up dancing in no time.




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